Panel Discussion

Recorded on March 10, 2021

Participants: Asinnajaq, Meagan Musseau, Marina Roy, Tania Willard, Elizabeth Zvonar and Whess Harman, moderated by Laurie White.

A panel discussion with the artists and curator of Shimmering Horizons, as part of the Canadian High Commission in the UK’s celebrations for International Women’s Day.

Following introductions to the works in the project—including Whess Harman’s response to the exhibition, Catacylsm(s)—the conversation turns to broader themes and questions that arise from the provocation of the future, framed by current ecological and political realities. Taking the works in the exhibition as generative starting points for discussion, the panel considers the aesthetics of futurity; the role of art in shaping more equitable ecological and social futures; the role of archives and place-based thinking in building the future; and differing conceptions of time, space, and kinship.

The panel is conducted in English. Transcript of the discussion in English and French will be provided shortly.